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Low Entry Fee

Don't pay thousands to network. For just $199 Annually and $19.95 per month you can join NRG Networking and experience the power of referral marketing for your business.

Easy Business Networking in Perth

We understand that business owners are often time poor. Our Perth business networking groups meet once a month and there is no obligation beyond these meetings.

Events & Training

Exclusive business events, social media and mastermind training groups.

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NRG Group

We get it. Networking can be time consuming and expensive. You want to know as a business owner that it is worth the investment.

With this in mind, we have started NRG Networking. Our goal is to create an environment where business owners can efficiently and effectively connect in order to refer work to one another.

Started by business owners, we understand that you do not need another financial burden on your business. Nor do you need compulsory weekly meetings and additional PD. You just need a lean, mean, networking referral machine.

You've come to the right place.

NRG Meeting
Share Your Skills

Share your skills and showcase your Perth business.

Do you love what you do and want to share what you know?
You are the expert of your own business. Here is your opportunity to provide advice and offer an insight into your world.
Don't want to do it alone? Partner with a business that compliments your services and collaborate together to create the ultimate workshop.
Not interested in running a workshop, but want to upskill and learn something new? Do you want to know more about digital marketing or do you need a workshop on how to run a workshop? Let us know and we will find a member that can help.
Networking is about knowledge sharing. NRG is here to help you grow. Contact us to find out more.

What our Members Say

More Member Testimonials

Superb Cosmetic Tatoo

Tracey Franco started NRG earlier this year. It is far better and different from any other business networking group in Perth in so many ways. NRG offers a great balance of networking, support and training in a fun and social setting. It is especially good for Small Business Owners.

Sue Lamont

Sueperb Cosmetic Tattooing
Platinum Settlement

NRG is a fantastic business networking group especially focused on small businesses. Like minded business people ready to share and learn from each other and there is so many opportunities to learn from each other within this group.
I've met so many wonderful people and learnt so many things about different businesses.
I highly recommend anyone who wants to join a low cost but high value networking group to choose NRG.

Kristy Dye

Platinum Settlement Services

Relaxed networking, being able to make genuine connections with people, whilst also expanding your network and promoting your business. Its just perfect!

Anne Meiklejohn

Manda Mini

NRG has helped in many ways, and the main one is coming out of my shell when it comes to talking in front of people. I’m so much more confident. I have also made lots of new business connections and even friends. Thank you for an amazing group!!!

Amanda Strother

Manda’s mini indulges
Small Biz Bookeeping

I joined NRG Networking only a few months ago and have already received a massive amount of value. NRG is so much more than a referral networking group; it is a community. A community that offers support, training and social events with other like-minded, super friendly small business owners. NRG will absolutely help you to grow your business in more ways than one and accelerate your success. I can highly recommend NRG to anyone who is wanting an all-round experience that makes owning a business fun and exciting.

Susan Briggs

Small Biz Books

I have been a networking practitioner with other networking clubs/organisations for over a decade on and off but NRG Networking by far is the most relaxed yet well run and organised referral generator... I have met a few referrers the "Fit like a glove" where we have identified out best attributes and then gone to find each other referrals.

Andy Romano


Since joining NRG my business has been booming. I have had my best month ever and have nearly done more business in the past 4 months than I did in the last financial year.

Krystie Brown

Epic Resumes
Go Health

Having been a member of several Business Networking groups in Perth I can honestly say that the NRG Network is by far the friendliest Business Networking Group in Perth. Tracey has put together a team and attitude that has a primary function of helping small businesses grow, since joining the NRG network my business grown and I have developed some business relationships and some very good friends. I recommend that you visit one of the NRG Group meetings and see just friendly we are.

Colin James

Go Health

I’ve been to a few different networking groups over the years, none of them have been as welcoming as NRG. The positive vibes, extremely welcoming people and loads of business opportunities. I saw business potential to grow and to make friends at the same time.

David Ucyurek

KCR IT Solutions
Pest Management

I wish there was a sixth star! We have been in business since 1997 and formal networking is something we have never been involved in, however our lives have been positively turned upside down since becoming involved with NRG. NRG suits us because they are energetic, with no pressure, offer a very reasonable fee structure and easy criteria to make belonging achievable for all businesses, irrespective of the age or stage of business you are at. 

Amanda Cope

Quinns District Pest Management

I highly recommend NRG - Network Referral Group for all your networking and business referrals needs. NRG has experienced Rapid Growth since its inception only a few months ago now - this is simply an amazing accomplishment from Tracey and her fabulous team. NRG not only offer Networking opportunities but also incorporate workshops and masterclasses where you can benefit from the extensive array of business specialists in their respective fields. I highly recommend the NRG Networking Group to grow your business and networks

Andrew Njuguna

Buffalo Film Studios

I can't speak highly enough of NRG! Wow I've talked with over 50 members in the past 3 weeks and I also helped a friend out by 'subbing' for her at a non-NRG meeting. Hold your head high NRG people, you are by far the best and friendliest, leading the way in organic business growth and building relationships! Well done everyone and thank you to the leaders!

Natalie McLennan

Gem properties

Lovely owner, staff and group members. I have been to other business network groups and this is by far the best as it is affordable, approachable and rewarding. If you haven't been as a guest to a meeting I highly recommend you give it a go.

Sindi Felton

Gem Property
One Mum

I love the way NRG Networking works to help small businesses grow. They even have Kid Friendly groups for the Mum’s in business.

Sharon Knapp

One Mums Story

A great group of like-minded business people. Grow your business, and learn from each other within this group:

Emma Carver

Em’s Forever Lips

What a fantastic group to join and network with. Enjoying every minute of it.

Amanda Dury

Real Estate Agent

thanks for starting this NRG Networking group, it has helped me be more confident in socializing, networking and basically putting myself out there. It’s been great opportunity to meet people from all different industries and all walks of life. 

Loretta Tan

LT Migration and Student Management Services

NRG Networking is an amazing way to connect with other small business in Perth and for the minimal cost, it is also a great way to generate referrals from other members.

Paul Parsons

Digital Marketing Specialist

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