3 Key Networking Skills Worth Working On: Our Guide

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To say that networking is an essential part of the modern success equation would be a complete understatement once you look at the impact that this practice has on the way industries work.

Whether it’s in accounting, digital marketing, construction work, or fashion, the importance of building bridges and keeping them up for opportunities is one that never wanes because of how critical such a practice is for success. Considering that most deals are forged between personal interactions, there’s no reason not to start networking at every opportunity.

As you continue to understand the power of establishing connections and their impact on paving the way for new jobs, careers, and business ventures, you’re most likely at the point of maintaining a more conscious effort. With the value of networking presenting itself more often in your professional career, the fact that you need to keep your skills sharp will make itself even more known over time.

Highly essential habits that successful networkers want to keep a secret

With all this talk about networking and how important it is, you’re likely wondering about how you can further hone your skills to achieve the best results with your efforts. Fortunately, our experts at NRG Networking have put together this list of key skills that successful networking professionals practice so that you can fast-track your career: 

Skill #1: Reliability

The key skill that professional networkers use to establish strong working relationships with industry figures and decision-makers that always leads to improved turnouts is reliability.

When you are reliable with your network, you’re essentially ensuring that you become as real as possible with your connections by delivering on promises, being honest, and consistently communicating. Once you treat every connection well enough to present yourself as a reliable partner or connection, you’ll get to establish yourself as a key figure that will want to make others link up with you! 

Skill #2: Balanced communication

In the context of networking, the concept of balanced communication is straightforward: it’s a process that involves listening as much as you talk whenever you interact with connections.

You see, networking is something that has grown because of the need for opportunities and the desire of professionals to link up with similar figures that they can relate to, talk with, and learn from. By practising balanced communication, you’ll be able to present yourself as someone worth networking with because you provide an open ear and set yourself in a position where you can give your accompanying advice!

Skill #3: Referral capabilities

Referrals, as most professionals would put them, are the backbone of networking because they help keep everything productive and ensure that everyone gets their fair share of opportunities. Conversely, the ability to provide good referrals is something that is critical for any successful networker’s skillset.

When you take the time to provide good referrals to anyone in your network of connections, you get to cement yourself as a reliable contact that more budding professionals should link up with. Beyond providing opportunities, learning to give a referral to as many people as possible will also allow you to stay at the top of a connection’s mind in case they or someone they’re connected to needs your services!


While realising the value of networking is something that can serve your professional career particularly well, taking the time to hone key skills that allow you to do will guarantee the best results. By working on the practices mentioned above, you’ll be able to help your capabilities evolve while making your mark in different industries and communities!  

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