3 Networking Tips to Boost Your Connections While Social Distancing


No man is an island, especially when it comes to business. To move forward, solidify your foothold in the industry, and grow, your business will need to establish meaningful relationships with clients, customers, potential partners, and more. 

There’s no doubt that the right professional connection can lead you to opportunities, but how can you meet like-minded circles in a time of social distancing? Most of the world is only starting to recover from the impact of the coronavirus, but the pandemic is still at large as new strains pop up. 

As businesses shift to a work-from-home setting and lockdowns keep cancelling all your future conference meetings, what can you do to foster networks amidst the physical isolation? 

Different Networking Tips to Support Businesses During the Pandemic 

Tip #1: Build Stronger Relationships by Actively Showing Support

Networking is not about giving the best elevator pitch or unforgettable business cards but focuses more on creating support within your community. In a time of uncertainty, people need help more than ever, so you can build rapport and deepen your networks by offering ways your business can be of service to your circle. 

You can do this by creating industry-specific content that aims to help people financially, mentally, or emotionally — from money-saving tips, marketing hacks, or sharing access to mental health professionals in town. Conversely, you can show your support by doing something as simple as sharing a post, tweet, or other events hosted by professionals in your network. 

Tip #2: Make the Most of Your Social Presence and Internet-Driven Technology

Corporate events, business launch parties, and conference meetings are all on hold, but don’t let the pandemic create a rift in your circle. The internet is filled with digital avenues you can use to stay connected, especially trending video platforms like Zoom. 

You can make it interesting by hosting Zoom events and share them on relevant social media channels — be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit. Of course, networking is a give-and-take deal, so it helps to explore networking opportunities by joining Facebook Groups, watching Instagram live, or participating in online webinars. 

Tip #3: Practice Mindful Marketing 

Now is not the time to put your promotions under the spotlight. While everyone needs to market their products or services to weather the storm, it’s important to watch your tone and consider other people’s needs or struggles. 

You can do this by curating your online presence, especially since most rely on digital platforms ever since the lockdown. Your social image may be a highlight reel, but it’s best to take the extra mile to reach out and refocus your marketing strategising on helping people during these trying times. 

The Bottom Line: Staying Connected Despite the Physical Isolation 

People are at home, parties are cancelled, and professionals are away from the office, but that doesn’t mean your business should stay cut off from your network. Now is the best time to care for your relationships and foster a fruitful connection, especially since the world needs to work together to overcome the current climate.

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