4 Tips on How to Network on Social Media like a Pro – Our Guide

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The days of in-person networking are long gone, especially with the ongoing pandemic that has confined people to their homes. Rather than live conferences and events, entrepreneurs and professionals are now connecting with like-minded individuals and potential clients online through social media. 

While social media has made it easier for everyone to reach professionals from different parts of the world and tap new markets, this type of networking requires time, effort, and the right strategy for you to be effective. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, worry not! Here are four helpful tips for you to network on social media the right way:

1. Establish your social presence 

There are many social networking sites you can choose from, but you have to get on the platform that will be the most helpful to you. For this reason, creating a personal and/or business social media page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is worth considering because these four are the top sites used for business. 

However, remember that not all industries are the same. While these are the recommended sites, check which ones are relevant to you. From here, you can build your profile and invite people you already know as you start creating your network. 

2. Reach out to professionals on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn allows you to meet professionals with different specialisations and in different industries. The platform has tools and search functions that allow you to enter a keyword for your niche and connect with people who come up in the search results. 

When reaching out to people on LinkedIn, avoid sending copy pasted messages. If the person you want to network with feels the insincerity in your invitation, they will most likely ignore your message. The best way to go around this is to personalise the messages you will send. Talk about what you and the other person have in common and explain why you want to connect. Focus on the sales pitch later because you should build a solid connection first. 

3. Join conversation threads on Twitter 

Twitter is another unique platform for networking and communicating with other professionals in real-time. It’s also an excellent site to stay updated with the latest trending topics in different locations and in various industries. 

Before networking with others, ensure that your profile shows what you do and what you want to talk about. Then, proceed with studying the trending topics, or the one you’re deeply interested in. In doing so, you will find other users talking about these and sharing a piece of their minds. Feel free to follow those who engage in discussions relevant to you or, better, join the conversation! You can also write tweets to engage conversations like asking questions or sharing useful information. 

With the right social networking skills and insightful conversations, you will build business relationships that go beyond the platform.  

4. Practice proper social media etiquette

Social media gives you much freedom and opportunities to share pieces of knowledge and interact with other professionals. However, with that power comes great responsibility, in terms of protecting your brand and business. This is why you must follow proper etiquette guidelines when using social media. Maintain a respectful sense of humour, be cautious with the content you share, and always think before you click. 


Establishing good relationships with like-minded professionals is beneficial for you and your business. However, you also should be tactical about who you will connect with because you don’t need to contact everyone. Make targeted relationships, share relevant content, and make connections that will last. 

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