4 Tips to Help You Succeed in Your Networking Efforts

Networking Efforts

Whether you are looking for new job opportunities or looking for new talents, networking is an essential part of the overall equation. This is because the larger your network, the more these opportunities present themselves to you. With that in mind, there are many ways you can go about expanding your network. For example, you can schedule face-to-face meetups to discuss specific topics or visit an ongoing event to meet new people. Regardless of your networking activities, however, there are some things you must do to ensure your networking efforts do not end up in vain.

In this article, we will share four practical tips to keep in mind for a successful networking effort:

1. Set a goal

A great way to understand and set your goals is by asking yourself why you are networking in the first place. It can be anything from looking for a new job or finding a new business partner. While the goals you may have in mind can be just about anything, what is more important is that you realise what you want to achieve. Otherwise, you will be networking for no reason, essentially wasting your time and resources.

2. Dress for success

More often than not, you are networking on a professional level. This means that you should always dress the part to create an excellent first impression with potential partners. For example, if you are going to a business event, you cannot go wrong wearing a suit. Also, we highly recommend you wear anything that helps you become more confident in yourself. This is because networking can be unnerving, but if you were to wear something that makes you feel proud and confident, by all means, do so!

3. Introduce yourself properly

Once you meet someone, you must introduce yourself in the best way possible. This includes maintaining a comfortable level of eye contact, smiling, and giving a firm handshake. Also, saying your name clearly and listening to the other person’s introduction is good manners. Take note that once they do say their names, do your best to remember it by using his or her name a few times during your conversation. Not only does this reinforce the fact that you are interested in the individual, but you also help yourself to remember their name.

4. Get straight to the point

Some small talk might be appropriate depending on the situation. However, try to limit or even eliminate it if possible. What you should be doing when communicating is getting straight to the point in two or three sentences, and then you can add more details later on when asked but avoid doing so when sharing your main points. This is because people may be showing interest in what you do but do not have the time for all the details. 

If you do share details, try to limit jargon as well. Make it easy to understand, and you will find people to be more receptive to what you have to say! At the same time, remember to be a good listener!


When you set a goal, dress the part, introduce yourself properly, and communicate your needs clearly, you will find your networking efforts to be much more effective at accomplishing your goals. With that being said, do not forget to follow up after your event, especially to those you are especially interested in continuing networking with. This can help create strong bonds that you can rely on to gain more information to help you accomplish even more goals in the future!

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