5 Professional Network Building Tips For Small Business Owners


Building a network that entails professional businesses working with one another can greatly improve the chances of a smaller business’s success. This is because there are ways to support, promote, and refer clients to one another. While larger enterprises can manage on their own and quickly outsource projects for marketing and growth, small and medium ones will benefit from a network of other businesses. 

Whatever size you find your business to be, whether it is a start-up or a large business, a network will always be beneficial. If you are a small business looking to build your professional network or want to start establishing a place in a network, NRG Networking has some tips for you to succeed.

Be Sure To Strategise

With anything in life, approaching something with a strategy is normally the best way to go about things. In the business world, having a strategy when you approach potential networking partners will show them your intentions, what you two will get out of it, and other benefits and risks. Having a clear-cut strategy to show partners why business networking is important will make them more likely to join in. 

Set goals to be reached, estimate how many contacts you want and need, and discover which partners may be the best aligned with your business. The more comprehensive your plan is, the better partner you will become.

Have A Good Elevator Pitch

By knowing the overview of your business by heart in a pitch that lasts roughly an elevator ride’s length, this is a powerful tool to get people on board. Be sure not to talk too fast, but include important information like who you are, what you do, what are problems you solve, your unique characteristics, and future goals. 

This is a tip that requires you to practice, so recite it to yourself every time you have a spare one-to-two minutes so that you feel comfortable delivering it. 

Your Impression Lasts, So Make It Count

A good first impression is important in networking, as this normally gives people an idea of who you are, whether or not this image they have is true. In most cases, second chances are not given, so be sure you put on your best to impress other networking partners. This means being professional, on-time, and courteous. 

Listening is something that gets tangled in business networking, as everyone has something to say, and is trying to gather as many connections as possible. The trick is to slow down, listen first, and then slowly insert your piece when you deem that the time is right. 

Be Involved In Your Community

Even without business networking events present, take it upon yourself to visit local businesses in your neighbourhood, as these create a healthy local economy. Take it upon yourself to help other businesses succeed alongside you, and you will be greatly rewarded. The best networking partners are the ones closest to you, so keep supporting your local community. 

Follow Up Constantly

When building your network, follow up with people you meet constantly, which is something not many small business owners do. Chances are some businesses you have reached out to and pitched to forgot, or your contact got buried. Take the initiative and follow up after 24-hours for the best results. 

In the message, mention something you two spoke about when you met for the first time, so a tip is to write down key points while you speak to your potential partners. 


Business networking events are a great way to meet like-minded individuals who can assist you in the journey to success, and vice versa. The tip to being a good business networking partner is to be proactive, professional, and honest. By following this guide, you will be able to land a networking web in no time. 

NRG Networking runs business networking events in Australia, we connect smaller scale enterprises and up and coming entrepreneurs with one another. A successful business network is built with a great foundation, and what better way to build that than through a great event? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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