5 Telltale Signs That Suggest You’re an Effective Networker


Being a great networker isn’t always about the number of connections you make. Instead, it’s about embodying a character that appeals to almost everyone you meet. Of course, while knowing the proper people is critical for success, you must also look out for quality connections who can steer you in the right direction.

In short, effective networking necessitates skill, adaptability, and charisma. These are qualities not everybody demonstrates. Here are five telltale signs that suggest you’re an effective networker

1. You Know That Less Is More

In knowing less is more, it’s important not to try too hard. While it’s great to make your presence known, it’s always better to communicate with a focused network to get to know and vice versa. So while you scan a room, carefully determine who you have the most in common with.

To feel accomplished, make no attempt to speak with everyone. If they are the proper people for you, three or four people should suffice. By interacting with fewer people, you may be able to have more meaningful conversations, resulting in deeper and more enduring friendships. This way, you impress a select number of quality VIPs.

2. You’re Appropriately Inquisitive

We’ve all been stuck at a party, speaking with a hopeful candidate who submits their resume like it’s a job interview. While it is essential to advertise your networking skills, there are ways to do so in a non-intrusive manner—and one powerful method is to ask questions.

Being appropriately inquisitive helps you establish common ground and helps the other person notice your communication abilities—and yes, it’s very effective. People remember chatting with someone who started the conversation rather than someone who lectured them.

3. You Maintain Your Cool under Pressure

It’s normal to use flattery to get someone’s approval, but note that you should only give genuine praise. Successful people are not easily duped, and they understand when they are being complimented. Compliments do not earn respect, at least not from the appropriate people!

Networking is useless if no one understands what you do or want. So, you bring yourself forward and show that you are open to new possibilities.

4. You Remain Relaxed and Composed.

Deliberately avoid being overly cordial during a discussion with someone when networking. If you are unfamiliar with their principles or morals, you keep yourself composed at all times. You need to proceed with caution, so keep your table manners in check, avoid crass language, binge drinking, or touching on sensitive topics. 

Although, it’s still advisable to be yourself! Nobody wants to operate like a robot, so you strike a balance between safety and letting your personality shine through.

5. You Make an Effort to Reconnect

As a true networker, you’re tenacious enough to thank someone for a pleasant conversation at an event and send them an email the next day stating how nice it was to meet them, and you want to see them again soon. 


Networking does not have to be a difficult task. It’s merely all about creating new friends and quality relationships who could positively impact your career. It’s a small world, and the more connected you are, the better off you’ll be. As you progress, remember to have a little fun while you’re at it. 

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