7 Networking Tips for Timid Business Owners – Our Guide

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Networking your business with other professionals isn’t a walk in the park. There are many jitters that come with it, especially if you are a timid business owner. Networking on LinkedIn may be a breeze for you, however, getting out in the real world to promote your business may prove to be more challenging. 

It can be all the more overwhelming if you are an introvert, knowing that you would have to meet with strangers and communicate with them. As much as possible, you want your networking event to go as smoothly as possible and for it to be successful in the end.

In this article, we will give you seven networking tips if you’re a timid business owner:

1. Choose an appropriate event

Picking the right event for your networking efforts can make a huge difference in the overall outcome. Make sure to choose a location that you and your potential customers will most likely be comfortable, and ensure that the event is the perfect avenue for you to market your business.

2. Have a speaker for the event

If you aren’t comfortable taking the spotlight, then have a speaker for the event so that he or she can promote your brand and market your business on your behalf. You can then take over later on by pitching your sales.

3. Search up the event

It’s one matter to attend an event, and it’s another to come in fully prepared. Make sure to conduct research before the actual event so that you know what exactly you’re getting into and anticipate all possible scenarios and questions.

4. Establish goals for the event

It also helps to set goals for the event. Ask yourself, what you want to achieve by the end of the event? With specific networking goals set in place, carve out plans on how to attain them. Then, try your best to do what it takes to accomplish your plans and achieve your goals.

5. Study and practice your pitch

It makes a huge difference if you study and practice what you have to say and how to answer before the actual event. That way, you know exactly what you’re going to talk about. If there will be questions thrown at you, you will easily and quickly answer questions so that there will be no dead air and moments of awkwardness.

6. Bring your business cards and wear your name tag

During the actual networking event, don’t forget to wear your name tag and bring your business cards. This is because your name tag helps your prospects address and remember you. It will then be reinforced when you hand them over your business cards for future interaction.

7. Be positive and always smile

Keep in mind that everything will boil down to your mind over matter. Stay positive throughout the event, no matter how overwhelming it can be, and don’t forget to smile. Having a continuous positive attitude resonates well with people and brightens the day!


Networking your business will not be a bitter experience when you have sufficient preparation. No matter how timid you are as a business owner, there are ways to keep your composure and rise above the situation. Make sure to follow some of the valuable tips outlined above, and you will see your business grow and succeed in the long run!

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