A Guide to Finding the Right Networking Events

Given your endless to-do lists and deadlines to consider, networking has become the least of your career worries. The process can also be undeniably stressful and time-consuming, especially since socializing can quickly drain energy. When you’re dealing with crowded appointments, the last thing you’d want to do is to subject yourself to small talk with strangers.

Networking, however, can be incredibly powerful. It’s the single most effective way to jumpstart the career of your dreams, or the business you’ve been preparing to launch for years. A strong network is essentially the blueprint for success, making it important to invest in. Small talk may be difficult to do, but the rewards are always worth it.

It goes beyond just the exchange of information and certainly does not mean asking for favours. Done right, you’ll be able to establish a strong foundation for long-term relationships, most of which allow you to enjoy mutually beneficial success. 

For a more fruitful effort of helping you succeed with your networking journey, we’ve come up with a series that helps you identify where good networking likely takes place. Simply ordering your morning coffee can help connect you with the world’s best businessmen, but we’ve curated this easy guide to help further your goals. 

Without further ado, here is our guide to finding the right networking events—let your networking journey commence in the following events:

Event #1: Alumni homecoming 

It’s a normal occurrence for universities to hold events for their alumni, be it general drink evenings, career fairs, and of course, the ever-popular homecomings and reunions. It’s best to attend these events, especially since it will be attracting people from various stages of life. 

These people will also be coming from various industries, all of whom already share a common interest with you—your alma mater. Networking will still require a lot of work, but alumni events will make the process easier to do. 

Event #2: Meetings (breakfast and lunch)

Most meetings are arranged by organizations and businesses, where small groups of people are encouraged to engage in networking. Attending breakfast and lunch meetings provide you with the opportunity to speak with individuals, and the food served allows you to talk more in-depth about common interests and career concerns. 

Such events are also more relaxing, allowing you to remain calm and focused, with the confidence to engage all the people you wish to include in your network list.

Event #3: Referrals (word of mouth)

When it comes to networking, nothing quite compares to the power of word of mouth. If you truly wish to build a good network list, make sure to ask around. Any former colleagues can do, along with supervisors, classmates, lecturers, and even friends. 

Invite them out for coffee or brunch, and make sure to ask if they know of any events that may be of interest. When it comes to good networking, you’ll want to ask your most trusted first. 

Investing In The Right Networking Events 

While the prospect of going to events can be exhausting, a good networking event can help you jumpstart your route to success. The secret to getting it right is to simply choose your battles, meaning that you choose which meetings, alumni gatherings, and other word of mouth events you need to attend. It’s never too late to begin investing in your network—and the best way to do so is to begin acting now. 

When it comes to finding environments you can thrive in, NRG Networking has you covered. We offer you countless opportunities to meet new people, including meetings, exposes, and other fun events. Thrive with us—reach out today.

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