About NRG

About Us

NRG Network Referral Group began to help small and medium sized local businesses grow by offering an open, friendly and relaxed community atmosphere. NRG is dedicated to the success of all its members and takes pride in knowing, nurturing and bringing out the best in their members always.

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NRG is an engaging and vibrant networking atmosphere that connects small business owners. By offering a monthly coffee meetup, individuals can share their entrepreneurial passions and connect with like-minded individuals. This relaxed and comfortable environment has resulted in lasting friendships and successful business transactions.

Our NRG team are committed to:

1. provide outstanding opportunities for small businesses to connect with new networks of likeminded, positive, enthusiastic small business owners and their staff in their local area,

2. encourage small and medium sized business to grow local and support local in an open, friendly and relaxed community atmosphere,

3. build trust, connection and to grow local businesses organically by hosting community events, monthly meetings, training sessions, expos and additional events to create a fun atmosphere for all who attend, and

4. provide a free place for small businesses to promote themselves in their local area and online with our vast Facebook community pages and groups.

It is NRG’s vision that strong, friendly and successful businesses will be seen and recognised face to face and be propelled into bigger markets with a firm local foundation built each month and celebrated yearly.

The future of Networking Referral Group is bright. We have a passion and commitment to see NRG groups pop up across Australia taking our WA home grown idea interstate.

We are empowered and excited to see small start-up businesses grow into small and medium sized businesses one meeting at a time. We will continue to support new businesses from day one, growing with them and enjoying their success when they achieve their business goals. This makes us very happy.

We envisage Networking Referral Group will overtake other networking businesses within only a matter of years, as our growth is exponential now. Businesses are looking for an alternative to the already established networking structures and want freedom and fun… which is what we happily provide.

We are building NRG to create successful business and thriving local communities. We are not building NRG to make a profit. Any profit made goes straight back into our management team, free events and marketing to grow what we do for our members.

Interested in Joining?

If you think NRG sounds like the perfect fit for your small business, then get in contact and see how you can attend your first two meetings for FREE. CONTACT