Effective Online Networking Made Easy: 3 Tips to Consider

Networking for Introverts

In times like these, where the COVID-19 crisis is impacting Australian businesses with full force, it can be quite difficult to settle on a specific approach that will carry your company through.

With many opportunities that lie ahead and such a thin margin for error, it is critical that you roll all your efforts out to help ensure that bouncing back becomes a process more than a challenge alone. In fact, you might already be thinking of how you can maximise the period that lies ahead without running into any other unnecessary risks or hurdles, which will prove to be more vital in the long run.

Among the different tools that you can use to prepare your firm for a stronger resurgence amid COVID-19, networking can prove to be one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal.

The power of networking for resurgence (and the main problem to consider)

Some may argue that forecasting and cost optimisation are viable tools to work with (and they genuinely are), but bridging new connections brings all the right opportunities no other tools can. Yet, the problem with networking amid a pandemic is that it can be quite difficult compared to how it would usually go because the social distancing parameters have forced everything to go virtual.

Although networking itself is already inherently stressful and time-consuming in the traditional sense of physical connections, matters can be even more difficult when it comes to establishing connections online. Seeing that most people are home and have more time on their hands, it’s safe to say that there’s no better time to go ahead and connect, despite the few hurdles that lie ahead.

Make online networking easier with these tips

By now, you’re probably familiar with the fact that communicating online can be much more difficult because of all the different factors that can get lost in translation. Thankfully, you won’t need to worry about missing out on opportunities to grow and help your business recover amid the pandemic because following these tips will make online networking much more effective:

Tip #1: Use online video call applications to your advantage

Despite all the different social distancing guidelines, the COVID-19 situation has shed light on one of the most powerful tools that can be used for online meetings: video call applications. Instead of solely using messenger applications, using video call applications will help fill in the personal aspect of the experience for the meantime. Through programs like Zoom and Google Meet, you can get the awkwardness out of the way and make the most out of your networking opportunities!

Tip #2: Work on your opening game

If you want to make an impact on your potential connections and reel them in on the first few exchanges, then it’s best to say that it’s time to work on your opening messages.

Although the first few messages may not seem so plentiful compared to the thousands of exchanges that follow suit, your ability to make the most out of a potentially-lucrative opportunity depends on your opening conversation. By taking the time to refine your messages and building your conversation-based strategy, it will be easier to ensure that every reach-out you take will pan out as successfully as possible!

Tip #3: Thrive with open or established spaces for connection

Apart from using social media sites and professional networking platforms, another great way to make the most out of your online efforts is to hustle hard in a space that’s driven for networking. For instance, with NRG Networking’s sessions and established e-mixers, you’ll be able to find the right people without doing much work as you expand your horizons on the web!


Above other things, networking online can seem like a fairly intimidating effort because of all the different things going on, thanks to the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, following the three tips mentioned above will help make your life easier without the added stress of other unnecessary matters that may get in between you and the new connections!

Are you looking to showcase your networking skills and start bridging connections but don’t know where to start? We are one of the fastest-growing networking working groups ready to help take your business to the next level. Get in touch with us today to know more about business networking events in Perth, Australia!

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