Finding Networking Business Opportunities: Where to Find Them

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The networking industry is vast and continues to evolve throughout the years. Trends come and go, and with that comes the changes with networking opportunities, including small events to industry-wide conferences. For this reason, some people find it challenging to find the ideal networking events to help them advance in their careers.

There are various, inexpensive ways to promote your business, expand your clientele base, and connect with investors. But as mentioned earlier, the hard part is starting and finding the right events to go to. However, once you’ve dipped your toes into the networking current, you’ll quickly understand that it’s incredibly easy to find your groove in the networking scene. 

If you’re wondering how you can improve in the networking industry, keep reading. Here are some popular networking opportunities that you should look into. In time, you’ll start to notice that your network will quickly grow, and you’ll be connected with people who can help you achieve your goals. 


A no-brainer, sure-shot way to meet hundreds of like-minded people is when you participate in industry-wide conferences. At first, conferences can be intimidating, but a great way to overcome this is speaking in the event. Doing this will allow people to become more curious about you and what your business does, ultimately pushing them to introduce themselves to you afterwards. 

However, some people find it challenging to attend conferences because they can be quite pricey. But you should know that there are other ways to participate in the event without paying the full price. You can volunteer at the event, participate in the expo, or only come in during the set time for conferences you’re interested in. 

After-Hours Events

If you want a more relaxed environment to start networking and meeting people, you’ll enjoy the after-hour event concept. This is because these events usually help after a workday in a relaxed atmosphere and casual setting. 

Because you’re more comfortable in the setting, you’ll feel more at ease speaking to others and initiating conversations, making you meet people on a personal and business level. These types of events and discussions ultimately build a strong business relationship with the people you connect with. 

Professional Associations and Organisations

The great thing about most industry and trade associations is that they provide networking opportunities for various businesses, graduates, and yuppies, to CEOs and directors. Attending these events help you stay on track with all the industry secrets, meet new and influential people, and get invited to other networking events. 

Professional associations spotlight the importance of networking at every level of a company. This will help open new doors for you and your business, especially since you’ll be meeting influential decision-makers. 

As for industry and trade associations, conversations are more centred on industry-based issues, pushing you to be more vocal, making you share and discuss your opinions with like-minded people. If things go well, expect to be handed a business card. 

Online Networking

Because of the global pandemic, many people are forced to stay home and run their business while practising social distancing. Thankfully, there are online platforms, such as LinkedIn and NRG Networking, that help you reach networking opportunities in the comforts of your home. 

A great way to maximise these online platforms is by connecting and reaching out to industry professionals online and by joining online conferences to broaden your knowledge in the industry. These platforms will also inform you of the latest industry news and events that will help kickstart your start-up or business’s growth. 

The Takeaway: Go Out There, Meet New and Inspiring People, and Level-Up Your Business and Networking Game

These are only a few of the places where you can connect with people to expand your network of partners, clients, and investors. Finding the right event that will suit your unique business needs will help your company flourish, and you’ll be able to play the networking game like a pro. 

Work With a Reputable Networking Company

For many, networking can be a pretty daunting, intimidating, and overwhelming task, but it’s a necessary step if you want to expand your business and strengthen your position in the industry.

Fortunately, NRG Networking allows you to find a community to thrive through various meetings, expos, and events. Besides that, NRG networking also supports any business size to help clients grow at their own pace. Learn more about our services and grow your network today!

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