How Fresh Graduates Can Kickoff Networking with Confidence

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Only a few years ago, Millennial fresh graduates began to enter the workforce, and now we have the next generation, called Gen Z, graduating from college and eager to take on the world. This generation is accustomed to networking since they are the most active social media users. However, networking on social media is not the same as networking to build their new careers.

Professional networking is about creating relationships with people who can help you reach where you want to go, and the earlier you start, the better. Make sure to network with professionals, thought leaders, experts, and other individuals and organizations in your chosen industry.

It’s also important to remember that networking is one of the top 10 soft skills necessary in today’s economy. Among the numerous networking abilities, you’ll need communication skills like active listening and interpersonal skills like public speaking and nonverbal communication.

Here are top networking strategies to kick start networking for fresh graduates:

1.   Integrate Networking into Your Daily Routine

If the thought of networking frightens your introverted nature, you’re not alone. However, with a bit of forethought, you may begin growing your network throughout your daily activities, such as connecting with your former professors and classmates.

Your professors can provide significant business knowledge and advice and refer you to previous students in managerial or executive positions. Well-meaning professors would gladly provide such information to help their students make it big outside of college.

Former classmates could also be working for your ideal company. You’ll be able to ask for a recommendation because you took the time to establish meaningful relationships while you were in college.

2.   Your LinkedIn Profile Is Your New Best Friend

LinkedIn presently has over 740 million members and 55 million organizations, and every day, almost 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed.

Building your LinkedIn profile is critical, as is actively contributing valuable ideas and viewpoints to the community. No hard sell, just networking with companies and people in your field. The more you communicate, the more people see your profile, including potential employers.

Connect with company leaders and industry leaders, but you should never contact them directly to ask for a job vacancy. Begin by following their profile, commenting on significant postings, or offering your viewpoint when they want to engage their fans on particular issues. Always be humble, cheerful, and courteous!

3. Be Open to New Relationships and Make the First Move

Networking may happen everywhere. When building your network, don’t be afraid to make the first move when opportunities arise. Don’t view networking as a race to make the most contacts or pass the most resumes. Instead, exhibit genuine interest in the person you’re conversing with and ask meaningful inquiries to keep a discussion going.

When you choose an event for networking purposes, don’t be scared to introduce yourself to key people after the event. Perception of an experience is based on how it felt at its peak and end, so wait till the conclusion of the event to meet someone notable. They will remember you if you create a solid first impression.


Although networking is a broad topic with several methods and approaches, these tips can help you start your networking efforts. Networking is essential, and now that you know its benefits, get out there! The sooner you start networking, the more likely you will meet someone who can help you with your job hunt.

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