How to Prepare For a Network Referral Meetup?


What is a Referral Network?

A Referral Network, as the name suggests is a group or a network of like-minded people, who belong to the same profession, business niche or interest. These groups meet periodically to promote their businesses. They gain leads and sales on the basis of referrals which are essentially word-to-mouth marketing. This arrangement is highly lucrative and helps expand the business by reaching out to a wider scope of audience.

Why is Referral Network being used?

A Referral Network helps with business growth, effectively and efficiently. When a learned and experienced professional vouches on your behalf for the services you offer, it is sure to earn you more sales. The traditional style of advertising does the work for you for sure, the sales also come in great, but no one can beat the power of referral marketing.

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How to prepare for the Network Referral Meetup?

  • First Impression has a lasting impression – The first impression may not always be the last impression since opinions change, people’s outlook may vary, and so much more may happen. But, the first impression surely has a lasting impression. 

    Your first impression is decided by the way you dress. So you must always dress accordingly. Make sure to look professional and clean in the meetup.

    Prepare your outfit prior to the day of the meeting. Style your hair neat, and avoid bling accessories. Dressing sober, formal, and neat does the trick here.
  • Know your purpose and goal for the meetup – Your objective for your presence must be very clear. You must take time to reminisce and think about the purpose of your attending the meetup and also who you wish to meet and what do you wish to achieve.
    Prepare yourself a list of people you wish to connect with. This will help you have a clear mindset and function better. A clear objective and set target goal will help you benefit the most from the meetup.
  • Stay ahead of the game – If you have a clear understanding of the folks you wish to meet then you can send them an email to let them know that you wish to connect with them and that you will also be present in the meetup.

    If you aren’t tracking down the specific contact information you may want to consider posting on social platforms with relevant hashtags to make your presence count. Be a part of relevant groups or communities to maximize your visibility amongst the fellow attendees.
  • Pack your essentials in advance –When attending a network referral Event make sure you have your contact information and all the other details ready. Take your business card with you, the one that has all your updated and current information. In case, the event is a large scale one, you may even take your portfolio with you.
  • Plan your presentation – In a Network referral meeting you will have to talk about your work, you must be prepared for it. People will ask you questions about your interests and the purpose of attending the meeting. So, you must be prepared in advance with a presentation.

    When you talk about your work, highlight your achievements, goals, and your vision, to attract the like-minded audience.

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