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Pregnancy Massage and Postpartum Support Services

Nurturing a women through pregnancy and her early days as a new mum is my specialty.
Pregnancy massage is greatly beneficial to a new mum, relieving her of nausea, headaches, hip & back pain, swelling and muscle cramping. I offer a safe and well supported side lying massage.

Following birth, massage is very beneficial in a new mothers healing process too!
It gives her me time, she can feel rested in readiness for those night time feeds, it raises her oxytocin which is great for breastfeeding and aids in her rest & recovery.

I am also offering a postpartum support service to new mum's by going into the home in the early days following her babies birth to support her through this transition with light household duties, meal preparation, shopping, a hot cuppa and a heart to heart chat or perhaps she needs someone to drive her to appointments following the birth of her baby.

I like to try and meet up with clients while still in pregnancy stage as once bub is here that is the time we need to start supporting our new mum's and their families.

Supporting a new mum helps her to build her own confidence, she has more time and space to get to know her baby, learns how to feed her baby and heal from this life changing transition..

With nurture and care in the first 42 days following birth it sets us up well for the following 42 years!

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