Networking During a Pandemic, as Told by Professionals


The pandemic has caused an economical collapse all over the world, with small businesses doing everything to stay afloat. These days, one cannot simply go have a meeting or a networking event without posing danger to each other. While most of us are adjusting to the “new normal” way of living, businesses still need to perform networking activities to function.

With a few adjustments here and there, networking and meeting people can still be possible. Here are some pandemic networking tips from industry experts that can help you adjust and hopefully, help your business.

1. Create a Digital Presence

Take advantage of the fact the pandemic forced everyone indoors to work on their computers all day. Whether you’re on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, create a digital presence that promotes your services. Once you’ve set up these pages, start reaching out to secure local and international connections.

2. Be Clear With What You Can Offer

In line with creating a digital presence, it is important to be specific and concise in what you offer to the marketplace. Research about your networking prospects. Update your digital assets and prepare a list of the possible services you can bring to the table. You want to be a good asset to anyone you talk to.

3. Join Networking Groups on Social Media

Social media has become a place where everyone talks to each other. If you know which niche your company belongs to, you will find specific groups on Facebook or Twitter to join. Take time to talk to other members, and determine how you can create meaningful connections. Chances are, most people in the group are doing the same thing as you.

4. Be Available for Virtual Networking

Zoom, Facetime and Google Meet have become common virtual spaces to hold meetings. These platforms have replaced conventions with virtual meetups and allow people from different industries to share ideas and concepts. Look into what industry experts in your particular field are offering in terms of networking opportunities.

5. Open Up to Help Others

These days, it’s important to build relationships based on empathy and care. You can practice this by checking up on your friends and new contacts via a Zoom call, a simple text message or by sending a link to a page that has self-help content. You can even send out handwritten letters, or coupons for a virtual meditation session.

6. Reconnect With Old Contacts and Keep Existing Connections

Industry professionals say the same thing about networking during the pandemic, and they say that they’ve networked more than ever. Maintaining constant communication with your peers, and getting in touch with old contacts can open up a lot of opportunities. This is also a good way to learn how they are evolving during this time. You will be surprised how much helpful insight you can get. 


Despite the limitations on social gatherings, you can still actively participate in networking activities to keep your business thriving. Reaching out through online means is necessary to establish your presence, and for others to see what you can offer. Networking doesn’t have to be a purely business-motivated connection. You can open up and express yourself in many ways to help others as well. This way, you are remembered as someone who is reliable and trustworthy.

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