Joining an NRG Networking Group means you have a resource of like-minded business owners supporting you and your business.  To be a part of the fastest-growing network in Western Australia there are minimal costs involved.

Your annual fee ($199 annually) allows us to manage our effective structure, so all members are supported by our team. You will be welcomed with open arms and we will get to know your business and what you are looking for.  

Our loyal team will help you find the perfect meeting fit for you.  We will encourage you to attend monthly meetings and to join our ever-growing Facebook support network to promote your business.  It is all about your business growth for us. There is an option for a payment plan for the annual fee, please enquire for more information.

As a member, your monthly fee ($19.95 monthly) you can visit as meetings as you’d like, as long as your category isn’t already been taken in the group that you wish to visit. The beauty of this model is that you can attend as many meetings as you’d like at no extra cost.

Of course, you can order a coffee or a bite to eat at the meetings if you’d like to, at your own expense.  

One more little NRG tip.  If you join to be a member of two groups, paying two monthly fees, you have the monopoly on both groups for your industry.  Others in your industry can’t join that group. This is a little bit cheeky, we know, but it’s a great opportunity to expand your business in several local areas close to you.

Our pricing compared to other networking groups is very affordable.  The fees are directed to running our meetings efficiently, back end administration so all members are supported to the highest degree and minimal marketing costs to attract more businesses and grow our network.  It is a simple and effective structure so we are able to keep the fees minimal and provide quality value and support.

Interested in Joining?

For under $9 a week don’t miss out on this awesome networking opportunity.  Your potential clients and customers are one NRG referral away.