Rules & Etiquette


To attend an NRG meeting, registration is required via Eventbrite. This allows us to ensure there is a seat for you at the table.


To get the most out of your NRG membership and out of courtesy to your fellow members, your attendance each month is required.

We understand that in running your own business, there may be times when you are not able to attend. In these circumstances members are required to send a proxy to the meeting on their behalf.

In the event you are not able to attend, please advise NRG in one of the following ways:

  • contact your group Team Leader or
  • contact NRG Admin

Advise who your proxy will be so we can make them feel welcome and at ease.


Noted absences of two consecutive meetings/ or four meetings within a 12 month period whereby you have not advised NRG, will result in your position being open to visitors of the same category to attend and management reserves the right to cancel your membership.


Each group exclusively allows one member per business category to visit and join.

Businesses who offer different services within the same business category will be accepted into a group at the discretion of management.


Please arrive 10 minutes early to give yourself enough time to find parking, sign in, order a coffee and get comfortable.


Conduct yourself as you would if you were in a business meeting. Listen, engage and be respectful by not talking over the top of others. Be mindful to not go over time when talking.

Please also place your phone on silent during meetings and take some time out from your device for 60 minutes.


We encourage members to refer and use the services of fellow NRG members within your own group or within the wider NRG community.

Enjoy Yourself

NRG meetings are conducted in a relaxed and casual atmosphere which gives you the opportunity to showcase your business without the pressure of public speaking.

Use the opportunity to introduce yourself and say hi to other members after the meeting and organize one-on-one catch ups throughout the month.

Join Our Community

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