Surviving COVID-19: How to Develop Your Business Network

Business Network

COVID-19’s impact on the global economy is still something that many businesses are recuperating from. The requirement to impose social distancing for employee and customer safety is forcing firms to adjust their business practices. Beyond client and service provider interactions, the more impactful change that companies need to adapt to is rebuilding business networks.

Finding the time to make business connections

Many companies had tunnel vision during the first few months of the pandemic for a good reason. Business owners had to focus on their own survival before they could tend to connections with business partners. Now that the world is gradually healing from COVID-19’s effects, it’s time again to rekindle partnerships with sponsors and collaborators.

If you’re having trouble connecting with your business circles, here are three tips to help develop your networking skills.

1. Plan out your connections

Growing your network isn’t only about connecting with people in related industries. You should always have a goal in developing your business circles. Whether you’re building your market reach or looking for collaborators, your pattern of making your relationships should follow a clear progression.

When looking for potential connections, remember to ask yourself what you can offer and what you will gain in building a business relationship with them. Doing this exercise before you recklessly connect with firms and company heads will give you a better idea of which company you should prioritise in growing your network.

2. Stay active in your business networks

Joining networks online through LinkedIn and Facebook groups is one way to connect with potential industry partners. Ideally, these platforms work as a placeholder for corporate meetings for business owners to meet and show interest in working with each other. However, this won’t be achievable with the coronavirus pandemic preventing mass gatherings.

In place of meeting people in person, you should be an active member of your groups and networks. Engage with other members by providing valuable insights and sharing information. Remember to add value to your network by jumping into conversations or threads that are interesting or relevant to your field. Maintaining your online visibility in these social groups will increase your chances of being a recognisable figure in your community. As an active member, you’ll have a greater potential of getting referrals for your services.

3. Rekindle old relationships and look forward to new ones

Since the state of the economy is still volatile, there’s no telling how businesses are handling the effects of the pandemic. There’s a high chance that most local companies and startups are still recovering their footing in the market. This is why it’s necessary to be empathic about the businesses you’ll connect with.

Business owners wouldn’t want to collaborate with a business that’s all about sales figures, especially during a global crisis. For previous contacts, be compassionate in asking about their condition and how they’re handling the pandemic. Showing concern for their well-being is an excellent way to put yourself in a caring light.


Part of why the world’s response to the pandemic is speeding up is due to the collaboration of sectors and institutions. Productivity and innovative solutions are the result of joining forces with different specialists to unite against a common threat. Similarly, you can bring your business back on track to success by investing in business networks to encourage mutual growth with partner establishments.

Finding the right platforms is necessary to build networks with local businesses. If you want to get updates on the latest business networking events in Perth, subscribe to our service today. We can give you a timeline of important dates to watch out for to build your business circles!

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