The Benefits of Networking in Your Life and Career


Networking is not precisely at the top of everyone’s to-do list. It takes time, effort, and a certain amount of guts. It can be exhausting for those that are a bit more shy and reserved. But if you want to get ahead, you need to do it. It’s not just about making strategic connections. It’s also about finding support and camaraderie in your chosen field.

When you have an active professional network, you’ll land jobs more quickly, and you’ll earn a competitive edge in the workplace.

Here are just a few of the benefits it can have on your life and a few tips on how to do it well.

Gain Crucial Insight

There are so many reasons you need to invest in your professional network. And while you might be a bit baffled by the concept when you first hear it, it isn’t as complicated or intimidating as it sounds. That’s because networking, in its simplest form, is simply a dynamic opportunity to learn from those around you.

When you build your professional network, you increase the chance of connecting with people who can help you get good referrals. Strong connections can help you get job leads. It’s essential to diversify your networks so you’re able to learn about the right jobs in your industry, as well as the ones that may not be right for you.

Build Confidence

Your professional network can give you a feeling of belonging and motivation. You might even find that you develop a sort of “work spouse” during your job search. A professional network makes you feel confident in your professional reputation and career goals.

It’s important to note that your professional network can include more than just your co-workers, too. It can include your classmates, former employers, and those in positions in your industry.

Develop New Skills

Developing your professional network can help you zero in on your dream job and make the connections you need to land it. Through networking, you can meet professionals who can provide you with training to upskill or even connect you with a mentor who can help you decide to switch careers.

Networking also includes sharing professional industry knowledge. If you know a particular industry, you can help make connections with other professionals.

How to Get Started

It seems like networking is something you either know how to do or don’t. But, if you have the right mindset, network building can become a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Even though we’ve been talking about how important it is to develop strong professional relationships, it’s important to remember that your network is about making meaningful connections. So, you don’t necessarily want to “over-network.”

Instead, focus on the person in front of you. When you’re meeting people in a professional capacity, make an effort to be open, friendly and engaging. Chances are, if you’re using these skills in your personal life, they will translate well to your professional relationships.

The Bottom Line

A strong network is an integral part of your success. It offers valuable support and assistance as you navigate your career in a perpetually changing workplace. It’s even more critical than ever before, and it’s not just a luxury. It’s a necessity.

If you are considering networking, don’t be afraid to get started. There are many online networking groups and workplace networking meetings in today’s digital world.

When small businesses find a community to thrive in, they are more likely to survive. NRG Networking supports start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses to feel welcomed, comfortable and empowered. We hope to foster a fun and open playing field of opportunity. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today or join now!

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