The Best Places to Look for Business Networking Opportunities

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Networks are a defining feature of a young person’s career. As youthful entrepreneurs go through the motions of the business ocean, they’ll undoubtedly make different connections that will spill over to the later parts of their lives. It’s all about knowing people you can contact and strike deals with to further succeed in the industry. Without these networking tactics, any business-minded person would not be able to survive and thrive in society. 

However, a young entrepreneur might be wondering how to make connections, or where to start looking. This issue is long-discussed, and the answer is more straightforward than what many make it. It all starts with outreach and putting yourself out there to be visible to the business community. After all, in this industry, the opportunities rarely fall on your lap because you have to be out there seeking them actively. Here are places to find networking opportunities to make connections with like-minded people:

Personal Contacts

Sometimes, the first place you should look is within your own family and friends network. Entrepreneurship is an industry that anyone can get involved in, regardless of whether they have a degree for it. Your parents might have family friends running their own businesses and can act as guides towards your success. Additionally, friends you make in school or masters can become potential partners, which only takes a bit of getting to know the person to see if you click. 

Online Networking

Sites like LinkedIn are the top business and professional networking sites. While Facebook and other social media platforms are more prevalent in connecting people, nothing is better than LinkedIn’s optimisations for entrepreneurs. All it takes is adding one of your personal accounts or emails, and you’ll see your address book fill up with potential contacts. You can also do cold outreaches to people in the same industry as you, but be sure to play your cards right and make a powerful statement to get their attention. 

Seminars and Events

Seminars with a high-ranking guest speaker and other renowned panellists renowned in the business world will often have plenty of like-minded people. Arrive at these events early to get started with conversing with people attending, grab a business card or a few, and start talking about business to keep the conversation going. 

Online Forums

If you’re joining an online forum as a participant or a moderator, it can help to market yourself professionally and get the information of your peers joining. Since most forms of seminars and talks are online nowadays, this is an excellent way to take advantage of the work-from-home setting. Having access to the guest list and the contact details can help you reach out to build links. However, note that you’ll need to reach a certain degree of credibility before people start attending your talks and forum discussions. 

Career Fairs

If you’re still in university, it can help to attend career fairs. This place will introduce you to various recruiters to different industries, helping you build valuable post-graduate connections. Getting the number of recruiters can add to your address book and help you land a job to get the necessary experience and some savings before starting your own company. 


It takes a particular level of extroversion to make connections with like-minded people. If you wish to be a big-wig in any industry you plan to enter; this is mainly possible with a wide range of relationships. Knowing people and having a network of contacts will help you thrive in the business world, so get out there and keep reaching out!

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