Tips on Choosing the Right Networking Event


Types of Business Networking Events

A carefully chosen networking event can be useful to expand your network. Functions allow you to meet people, but not all gatherings are excellent networking opportunities—some are a waste of time.

Prominent networking events are:

·         Casual Contact Networks are informal connections between various industries.

·         Strong Contact Networks are designed around members referring business to one another.

·         Community Service Clubs serve the community rather than handing out business cards (like The Rotary Club).

·         Professional Associations (industry-specific)

·         Online or social media networks connect members across the globe.

Tips on Going to the Right Networking Event

How do you choose the right event?

1. Set Clear Goals

Who do you want to meet? What do you want to get out of the event?

Professional associations feature people in the same line as you. They can be valuable as a learning experience.

A community service club allows you to build strong relationships with business leaders, and a strong contact network is good if you’re actively looking for referrals.

By understanding what your goals are, you can actively target events with your ideal profiles in mind.

2. Interests Can be Better than Industry

A hobby club may not seem like the ideal networking opportunity. It’s an easy way to establish common ground with another businessperson, though. You meet in a fun environment, and it is conducive to building stronger relationships.

3. Change Things Up Occasionally

Repeatedly attending the same events is a mistake many networkers make in their initial efforts. Choose two or three different networking events so that you are exposed to plenty of new people and fresh ideas.

Upcoming NRG Networking Events

If you’re wondering about the networking events in Perth, feel free to peruse the NRG Networking website and pencil in any dates that catch your attention. It’s a full calendar of opportunities for you to connect with other local businesses and expand your network in the city. Let the networking begin.

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