When small businesses find a community to thrive in, they are more likely to survive.  Our NRG monthly meetings, expos and heaps of additional fun events unite small business owners and together they support, promote, refer and be an advocate for one another.  

With a local base, NRG believes that building networks in a local community are environmentally stable and economically empowering, saving time, energy and money.  Those involved will be more likely to gain local referrals, strategic alliances and serendipitous moments to grow.

We believe our members provide referrals to others in the group and do not always expect others to give referrals to them which builds rapport, social support and trust in the community we are nurturing and growing.

We provide support for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses with a small business feel so all members feel welcomed, comfortable and safe to grow at their own pace and on their own commitment level.

NRG provides a fun open playing field of opportunity.  It is what each member makes of it that will see them thrive.

Join Our Community

For under $9 a week don’t miss out on this awesome networking opportunity.  Your potential clients and customers are one NRG referral away.